Warmoth and the Nightswan

If you cut your guitar-playing teeth in the 80’s, you probably remember Kramer’s Nightswan guitar. You probably also remember the magazine ad that was so ubiquitous at the time: Vivian Campbell leaning against a white French door, hair perfectly teased, while a fog machine and a lightning storm rage outside. What you might not be aware of, however, is … Read moreWarmoth and the Nightswan

The Snakehead – The Modern Telecaster’s® Earliest Ancestor

In 1949 Leo Fender completed work on a prototype guitar, a fairly spartan affair with a simple headstock and control layout. Not long after, he began field-testing it by taking it to venues and lending it to professional guitarists. Leo listened to their criticisms, and made several changes based on their feedback. The most notable change was the addition … Read moreThe Snakehead – The Modern Telecaster’s® Earliest Ancestor