Reclaimed Koa “Bunk Bed” Guitar Necks

I love to watch a guitar being made of repurposed or reclaimed wood. It’s exciting to observe the process as a seemingly worn-out piece of wood is given new life as a guitar or bass. I’ve seen guitar bodies made of wood reclaimed from old hockey sticks, industrial pallets, skateboard decks, surfboards, outhouses, barns, and bridges. … Read more

Fight Club: Alder vs Ash Guitar Bodies

Since Leo Fender first used them in the 1950’s, Alder and Ash have become the most popular tonewoods for construction of solid-body bolt-on guitars. These two woods share many similarities, but also have some important differences. Knowing the properties of each will help you craft the sonic and visual personality of your guitar body. Let’s check ’em … Read more

Ebony in the Modern World

Because of its beautiful dark color, density, and durability, Ebony (Diospyros melanoxylon) has been a highly valued wood since ancient times. It has a long heritage of use in furniture, sculpture, and fine woodcraft. Ebony carvings have even been found in Egyptian tombs. How rare it has become will surprise you.

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Warm Up To Koa

Koa (Acacia Koa) is a warm, beautiful wood endemic to the islands of Hawaii. It grows relatively quickly, but its limited habitat makes it extremely rare. It was used by the ancient Hawaiians to build canoes and surfboards, and is used today in the crafting of fine furniture. It has also come to be prized as a tonewood, particularly for use in making ukuleles and guitars.

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Roasted Maple Necks…Yum!

Maple has long been a popular wood among instrument builders. It is particularly well-suited for guitar and bass necks because of its strength and bright tone. Roasted Maple (also known as Baked, Caramelized, or Torrified Maple) is Maple that has been heat-treated in a specialized vacuum oven. This roasting process removes sugars, moisture, and other impurities. “Roasting” … Read more