Married Man’s Guide to Buying Without Lying

I’ve been a guitar nut for over 35 years, and I’ve been married to one woman for 28 of those. That makes me an expert at one thing: negotiating the acquisition of new gear. I love my wife more than anything, but let’s face it: even the best marriages sometimes involve hostile negotiations and delicate manipulations. … Read moreMarried Man’s Guide to Buying Without Lying

‘Twas the Night Before Axemas

‘Twas the night before Axe-mas, and all through the gig, My neck was too skinny, my frets were too big. Playing was difficult, chords were a chore, But I finished the set, though my fingers were sore. Then put my guitar back all snug in its case, Packed up my gear and drove back to … Read more‘Twas the Night Before Axemas

The Golden Age of the Whammy Bar: 1969 – 1989

The English language is an interesting thing. It’s full of contradicting terms, colloquialisms, and misnomers that confuse and mislead. The name “tremolo bar”, for example. The word “tremolo” refers to a fluctuation in volume, but a tremolo bar alters pitch. It should therefore technically be called a vibrato bar, and yet it remains almost universally known … Read moreThe Golden Age of the Whammy Bar: 1969 – 1989

The Origin of the Warmoth Turtle

If you have ever purchased a Warmoth guitar or bass neck, you have no doubt noticed the little cartoon turtle branded into the heel. You’ve probably seen him in ads and on our website as well. The turtle has been around since Warmoth’s beginning. In fact, he has been around since before our beginning. To discover his origin we must journey back … Read moreThe Origin of the Warmoth Turtle