Warm Up To Koa

Warm Up To Koa

Koa (Acacia Koa) is a warm, beautiful wood endemic to the islands of Hawaii. It grows relatively quickly, but its limited habitat makes it extremely rare. It was used by the ancient Hawaiians to build canoes and surfboards, and is used today in the crafting of fine furniture. It has also come to be prized as a tonewood, particularly for use in making ukuleles and guitars.

Warmoth uses Koa in the construction of both guitar and bass bodies, and necks. It is medium to heavy in weight, with a density and strength very similar to Mahogany. Its overall warm tonality is also quite similar, though Koa exhibits a bit more brightness.

Koa has golden or reddish brown coloring, with stripes of tan or brown. It can also develop a flamed figure that is exceptionally beautiful. We reserve these special blanks for use as thin laminate tops. When bookmatched and finished in clear gloss (as shown above) the results are stunning.

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