The 80’s Axe, To The Max

The 80’s Axe, To The Max

The Rubik’s Cube. Pac-Man. Mix-tapes. Cabbage Patch Kids and Teddy Ruxpin. He-Man and She-Ra. The NES. The good Star Wars sequels. Alf. Clearly some of humankind’s best inventions occurred in the 80’s. It was a fantastic decade for the electric guitar too.

For most of the 80’s guitar-centric music was king. It whispered from Walkmans and blasted from boom-boxes. It infiltrated pop radio and played “on the MTV”. Guitarists like Eddie Van Halen, George Lynch, Randy Rhoads, Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani, and Steve Vai expanded the instrument’s limits with new techniques and sounds. It seemed that with every new LP guitar playing became faster, more technical, or more bombastic. As guitarists garnered a bigger portion of the spotlight, they also wanted flashier guitars. Crazy paint-jobs and outlandish shapes became the norm.

Modding guitars became mainstream. Companies like Seymour Duncan® and Floyd Rose® began offering after-market pickups, bridges, and other hardware to change a guitar’s tone or facilitate advanced techniques. Warmoth began offering replacement bodies and necks with a huge range of options. It became possible to easily customize any part of your guitar with the specs and look you preferred.

Thirty years later the over-the-top playing style and crazy aesthetics of the 80’s still hold a fond place in the hearts of players who grew up in that era. Many are returning to their roots and rediscovering what made them fall in love with the guitar in the first place. Others never left. As old becomes new again, even younger players are finding themselves drawn to the flashy playing styles and looks of yesteryear. Isn’t nostalgia, like, totally awesome?

If the idea of turning your guitar into a 80’s hot-rod sounds totally radical, you need to think looks as well as functionality, and that usually starts with the body. Warmoth’s 80’s-style bodies include the SoloistV-KV-RStarZ-BodyIceman, and VIP. Of course you’ll want to equip yours with a Floyd Rose tremolo and aSeymour Duncan JB humbucker in the bridge position (bonus points if you choose the “Angled Humbucker” rout). Any of our Neon or Candy finishes will complete the look nicely. Charger Green is another fresh choice.

Warmoth’s 80’s-style necks include the Arcade,Slapshot, and Nomad. Neck Back Contours that facilitate shred-tastic playing include the Wizard, Wolfgang, and Standard Thin. Large fret sizes like6100, 6150, and 6105 also help. Appropriate fretboard options include the 24 fret extension,scalloped fretboard, and straight 16″ radius. Complete the package with Sharkfin, Nightswan, or Skull and Crossbones inlays.

It is definitely a most excellent time to take your axe to the max. Later days, dudes!

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