Stainless Steel: The Real Deal

Stainless Steel: The Real Deal

The traditional fret material for electric guitars has long been nickel/silver, but over the last few years Stainless Steel frets have become a tremendously popular upgrade. It’s easy to see why.

Stainless is a much harder and smoother material than nickel/silver, which makes these frets a joy to play on. They feel extremely smooth, with less friction between string and fret. String bends are easier and lead playing is quick and effortless. Like nickel/silver, Stainless Steel fret wire comes in a range of sizes to complement any playing style.

Stainless Steel’s inherent hardness also means they outlast comparably sized nickel/silver frets by a wide margin. For players with a heavy touch or who use round-wound strings – notoriously hard on frets – the superior longevity of Stainless is a major money saver. They drastically reduce the need for expensive fret maintenance and refretting.

After thousands of necks we have not found a significant difference in tonality between Stainless Steel and nickel/silver fretwire. It truly offers significant upgrades in playability and longevity, with no disadvantages.

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