Become Converted

Become Converted

Have you ever wanted a guitar that looked like a Fender®, but played like a Gibson®? Have you ever wanted to experiment with the Baritone scale length, but didn’t want to invest in a whole new instrument? If so, then you are just the kind of player Warmoth Conversion Necks were invented for. These ingenious necks make it easy to convert your existing 25-1/2″ scale guitar to either baritone or Gibson® scale length.

Warmoth offers two types of conversion necks. The first is the Gibson® Scale Conversion Neck. It is perfect for players who like Fender® shapes, but prefer Gibson’s® shorter 24-3/4″ scale length. The reduced distance between frets makes navigating the neck quicker, while the lowered string tension makes bends and vibrato easier.

The other conversion neck is our Baritone Scale Conversion Neck, which lengthens your guitar’s scale to 28-5/8″ and facilitates lowered tunings like A or C. Far from simple novelty instruments, low-tuned baritone guitars show up in popular music with regularity. You’ll hear them in all kinds of musical settings, from country songs by Dwight Yoakam and Brad Paisley to rock and pop tunes by artists like Staind and Dave Matthews.

The installation process for Conversion Necks doesn’t require expensive tools or an advanced degree in luthiery. It is not necessary to relocate the bridge or alter the neck pocket. You simply follow all the same steps as you would swapping any regular neck. As long as your existing guitar’s scale length is 25-1/2″, and as long as its neck pocket adheres to Fender’s® vintage/original 2-3/16″ specs, then a Conversion Neck is a direct fit. Once you have completed the initial set-up and adjusted the intonation you will be ready to rock your guitar’s new scale length.

Conversion necks are available in all of Warmoth’s most popular headstock shapes. You can get both standard and CBS Strat® replacement, Telecaster® replacement, Warhead, Warmoth, Regal, Vortex, and more. Click here for a full list of Warmoth Conversion Neck styles. All Conversion Necks are built with Modern Construction, for extreme stability and our full range of inlay, binding, and other options.

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