Asymmetrical Neck Profiles

Asymmetrical Neck Profiles

It was during the 80’s and 90’s that the idea of “signature model” guitars become popular. About that same time the advent of digital CNC technology made it possible to perfectly duplicate the dimensions of any guitar neck. As a result guitar manufacturers hoping to create highly accurate copies began measuring the dimensions of famous player’s favorite necks. What became immediately clear was that on many of these necks the thickest dimension was not in the center. Some felt these irregularities were the result of playing wear, while others blamed inconsistent production techniques. Either way, the fact remained that some of the world’s best players, Eddie Van Halen and Stevie Ray Vaughan included, preferred asymmetrically shaped necks.

Generally speaking, asymmetrical necks are beefier on the low E side and thinner on the high E side. This positions the bulk of the neck’s thickness in the hollow of the hand, while reducing thickness under the fingers. The result is a “full” feeling neck with easy playability. Warmoth offers two asymmetrical neck profiles: the SRV and the Wolfgang. The SRV is the thicker of the two, while the Wolfgang has the more off-center shape. Both profiles are available as an option on most of our replacement neck styles. Give them a try and decide if one belongs on your own signature model.

View In Stock guitar necks with the SRV Contour

View In Stock guitar necks with the Wolfgang Contour

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  1. I have always thought the fat side should be on the treble side. Hear me out. When reaching around the neck to the fatter strings, having more meat on the opposite (treble) side would force the thumb and hand along its way so the LH fingers reach the further end of the neck more easily. I also feel the thinness as I’m playing on the treble side is just uncomfortable; I want more space between my thumb and fingers. Just my hands I guess.

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