Warmoth’s Top 5 Custom Guitar Options

Warmoth’s Top 5 Custom Guitar Options

Custom options are the heart and soul of the Warmoth experience. They are the difference between owning a standard off-the-shelf guitar, and a one-of-a-kind instrument customized just for you and the way you play.

Everybody has their own idea of what makes the perfect axe, but some custom options have such a wide appeal that everyone should at least try them. Here are our picks for the top five must-try options:

  1. Wolfgang Neck Contour.This asymmetrical neck shape is a joy to play. Not too big, not too small, and the off-center profile makes it feel both substantial in the palm and super quick under the fingers.
  2. DeLonge Volume Mod.Have you ever felt like your Strat’s® volume knob was positioned too close to the bridge? This simple pickguard mod moves it down slightly, and out of your way.
  3. Heel Contour.This mod reduces the thickness of the body around the neck joint, greatly increasing access, speed, and comfort in the upper frets.
  4. Roasted Maple.Necks made of Roasted Maple exhibit beautiful coloration and superior stability. They are so stable, in fact, that a hard finish is not required for warranty. If you like the silky-smooth feel of an unfinished neck, this is definitely for you.
  5. Stainless Steel Frets.Stainless Steel frets feel smooth and fast, last nearly forever, and exhibit no change in tone. They just might be the best development in the world of guitar building since the CNC machine.

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3 thoughts on “Warmoth’s Top 5 Custom Guitar Options”

  1. If only Warmoth would continue with broadering these awesome improvements. Baked bodywoods for example, 6/6 nylon nuts, carbon neck stiffening rods for guitars (not just bass), sanding and rounding fetboard edges for more broken-in feel, different types of contoured heel, luminlay side dots. I guess we will have to wait some more. Anyway thanks for having these top 5 at least!!

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