Sighting down the length of a fretboard. Blowing the wood shavings from a newly drilled hole. The smell of a hot soldering iron. The 60 Hz hum that ends with the distinctive crackle as you plug your cable into the guitar. The first satisfying “kerrang” as you roll the volume up.

You love to build guitars. You love to play guitars. You love to talk guitars.

So do we.

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Warmoth and the Nightswan

If you cut your guitar-playing teeth in the 80’s, you probably remember Kramer's Nightswan guitar. You probably also remember the ...
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Guide-hole diagram

A Guide to Guide-Holes, or How NOT to Crack Your Headstock

Building a well-crafted electric guitar or bass requires patience. As tempting as it can be to rush or cut corners, ...
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The Golden Age of the Whammy Bar: 1969 – 1989

The English language is an interesting thing. It’s full of contradicting terms, colloquialisms, and misnomers that confuse and mislead. The ...
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