Sighting down the length of a fretboard. Blowing the wood shavings from a newly drilled hole. The smell of a hot soldering iron. The 60 Hz hum that ends with the distinctive crackle as you plug your cable into the guitar. The first satisfying “kerrang” as you roll the volume up. You love to build guitars. You love to play guitars. You love to talk guitars. So do we.

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Baby, Don’t Fear The Truss Rod

Checking for proper neck relief (or neck “bow”) is a fundamental part of setting up a guitar. When necessary, relief ...
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Married Man’s Guide to Buying Without Lying

I’ve been a guitar nut for over 35 years, and I’ve been married to one woman for 28 of those ...
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Ten Tips to Keep Your Axe Sharp

There’s an old parable of a woodsman chopping down trees in the forest. He labors for hours, chopping furiously, with ...
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